Friday, April 25, 2014

Furnace simulation


As the research of Highbrows Engineering on furnace development specifically for Pakistani industry progresses, we would like to share it with every one else to keep it open sourced.

On the course of furnace simulation development, we have been reviewing and testing furnace simulators online and any options that might be there in the form of desktop applications so as to develop FurnoSim, the Pakistani bred industrial furnace simulator. The aim is to benefit both the industry as a commercial product as well as an academic product for students and professionals and it is on our to do list of products that are coming up. shares a free online furnace simulator which can calculate some basic cycles for some preset processes such as alloying. Although these do not cater the professional needs but they can be very exciting for fresh professionals or students to learn the processes without actually wasting energy and material. Go ahead and test their online electric arc furnace training simulator, for example. On the main page they also have other metallurgy and testing related simulation links that may come in handy for atleast learning and academic presentations.

On the side, keeping our promise of sharing the research with the world, our physics and electronics research side has been making progress and will be coming up with products soon. As a treat, a theoretical moving particle simulation is shared below with explanation:

This moving charge simulator shows for how +ive / -ive acceleration of electron emits light / radiation - fields point radially towards the charge and when the charge accelerates, the difference of where the charge should have been with previous velocity and where the charge is now with the change is a perpendicular shift of the field lines. This shift travels away form the charge at the speed of light as radiations. This can also be taken as a mathematical version of light where the light is considered as mathematical correction of the difference being updated through out the universe at the maximum speed possible (which is the speed of light). This changes with respect to relativity when you accelerate the electron to the speed of light and is also shown in the simulation (if you accelerate it to that point in the settings).

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